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Tempahan Pavlova dan Creampuffs

 Swan Strawberry Puff Hantaran
RM65 box 25pcs
Fruit Basket Puff (with kiwi, strawberry and grapes)
RM65/box 25 pcs
Swan Cream Puff biasa
RM40/box 25 pcs
 Swan Cream Puff

 Additional RM10.00 for strawberry
 Additional RM10.00 for strawberry

Additional RM15.00 for pysallis
Heart Shape Cream Puffs
Additional RM20 for strawberry and pysallis


Mini Pavlova with cream cheese - Saiz 2"
1 box (16pcs) - RM55.00
 Mini Pavlova with cream cheese - Saiz 4"
1 box (5pcs) - RM50.00
with fresh fruits
Pavlova saiz 8in - RM65
Pavlova saiz 9in - RM75